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Our Services


As a financial market-regulated asset manager and investment advisor, we offer traditional asset management and portfolio management of public investment funds as well as other high-quality services in the areas of wealth management, investment advice, M&A advice and debt capital advice.


Investment Advisory

In today's intricate financial landscape, both individuals and institutions seek guidance to navigate markets effectively and achieve financial goals. Investment Advisory services are pivotal in providing tailored advice and strategies to meet diverse needs and objectives.

Our investment advisory involves personalised analysis of clients' financial situations, including asset portfolios and debts, resulting in guidance provided by qualified professionals to assist clients in making informed investment or restructuring decisions.

This option suits clients who prefer making independent investment decisions. Clients have autonomy in buying and selling securities, with the investment advisor serving as a sparring partner and idea provider. Clients determine the level of portfolio oversight by the advisor, who remains accessible for addressing concerns related to securities accounts.

Our advantages:

Expertise and Experience

Our clients benefit from the expertise and experience of seasoned professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of financial markets, investment products, risk management and regulatory requirements.

Customised Solutions

We provide customised investment strategies and financial planning solutions aligned with client objectives, risk preferences, and time horizons.

Objective Guidance

By offering independent and objective advice, we help clients navigate market volatility and make informed decisions free from conflicts of interest.

M&A Advisory

Lead Advisor

Providing extensive experience to facilitate successful transactions of companies across sectors and geographies

Comprehensive Support 

Leveraging global networks, research capabilities, and established contacts

Professional Execution

Guiding clients through the entire M&A process; success hinges on expert guidance throughout the M&A process

Confidentiality Assurance

Maintaining strict confidentiality and discretion to safeguard sensitive information and client interests

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Our M&A services include:

Purchase and Sale of Companies

Management-Buy-outs and -Buy-ins

Joint Ventures

  • Evaluate requirements profile

  • Identifying potential purchasing targets, strategic investors and financial investors

  • Preparation of the sales documentation 

  • Preparation of the business plan

  • Analysing/ preparing takeover bids

  • Supervision and coordination of the virtual data room as part of the due diligence process

  • Leading the negotiations and coordinating the successful completion of the transaction

  • Holistic advisory approach in the sense of a lead advisor

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Debt Capital Advisory

Institutional Clients

Essential for corporate clients navigating financing and debt management complexities.

Zenit AM provides expertise and strategic guidance to companies for optimising capital structure and managing debt obligations.

We work closely with clients to assess financial needs, identify suitable financing options, and structure debt instruments aligned with business strategies.

Private Clients


Navigating towards and optimising Financial Freedom

Comprehensive debt advisory is essential for high-net-worth private clients to optimise financial freedom and achieve long-term stability. Our service supports clients in developing strategies to reduce debt, build wealth, and meet financial goals. For affluent individuals with complex portfolios, tailored debt advisory ensures financial health and wealth preservation by providing tailored strategies and solutions. Our experienced advisors assist clients in navigating intricate financial landscapes, managing debt effectively, and aligning strategies with long-term wealth accumulation goals.

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