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Portfolio Management

Managed Accounts

We offer customised asset management services for private and institutional clients on a mandate basis by Zenit AM Managed Accounts.  


Private clients often pursue objectives such as capital growth, income realisation or wealth preservation for future generations. Zenit Asset Management offers these clients customised investment strategies that meet their individual needs and risk tolerances.

Institutional clients such as foundations, pension funds and insurance companies often have complex liquidity management, risk management and regulatory compliance requirements. We offer institutional clients specialised solutions to meet their long-term commitments and optimise returns.

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Portfolio Construction

Analysis of objectives, risk tolerance and market conditions for customised portfolios.

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Risk Management

Limiting losses and maximising returns through diversification and dynamic adjustments.

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Performance Monitoring and Reporting


Regular evaluation and detailed reporting to adjusting strategies.

Advantages of professional asset management mandates by Zenit Asset Management


Individualized solutions

Both, private and institutional clients benefit from customized investment strategies that meet their unique needs and objectives. Our managed account services enable customization based on individual risk tolerances, investment horizons, and ESG preferences, ensuring alignment with investor objectives.

Enhanced Risk Management

By implementing tailored risk management strategies, asset managers can mitigate downside risk and enhance portfolio resilience, thereby safeguarding investor capital.

Access to expertise

Working with experienced asset managers allows clients to benefit from their expertise, analysis and insight. Clients gain investment opportunities that may not be readily accessible through traditional investment vehicles, enhancing portfolio diversification and potential returns.

Long-term focus

Professional wealth managers have the long-term well-being of their clients in mind and strive for sustainable growth and value preservation.

Cost Efficiency

Managed accounts offer cost efficiencies through fee structures that are often more transparent and competitive compared to traditional mutual funds or hedge funds.

Portfolio Management of Funds

Fund portfolio management involves managing the investments in fund portfolios entrusted to portfolio managers in order to maximise returns for investors.


Portfolio managers monitor and analyse the performance of various asset classes and strategically select the best investment opportunities in order to spread or minimise risk and maximise returns. This includes the selection of equities (indices), interest rate products, currencies and commodities based on extensive market analyses, valuations and forecasts. Portfolio managers continuously adjust the portfolios to react to market changes, economic indicators and new opportunities.


The aim of portfolio management is to achieve an attractive return and a balanced mix of different asset classes while minimising risk. By actively managing these fund portfolios, portfolio managers strive to deliver outstanding performance to the clients and outperform other competitors.


Investors rely on the expertise, experience and trustworthiness of portfolio managers to achieve their investment objectives and realise their financial goals.


Public Investment Funds

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