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Our soon-to-be-launched public funds are liquid, EU-compliant funds that will be set up as Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) and possibly additionally as UCITS funds and are based on both discretionary qualitative and quantitative investment decisions. 

Our goal is to always achieve above-average performance, taking sustainable risk management into account. The underlying risk analysis is therefore based on a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative approach.


In order to minimize risk and at the same time take advantage of market opportunities, cross-investment diversification is sought. Our primary focus is on equity indices, bonds, currencies, commodities and environmental products, with the flexibility to opportunistically reallocate a portion of the portfolio into high-yield, low-risk, unlisted investments.


Investment decisions are made primarily through direct trading of long, short or spread positions. The holding period of our investments can be intraday, short or medium to long term, depending on the investment objective set at the beginning.


All fund accounting, consisting of valuation, transaction processing, performance tracking as well as compliance and reporting, is carried out by an external controller.

Zenit Global Prudent Growth Fund 

The Zenit Global Prudent Growth Fund consists predominantly of very liquid, tradable assets that include raw materials, interest rates, foreign currencies and stock indices and are supplemented by inflation and environmental products (e.g. carbon certificates) as further asset classes.


Investment decisions are based on assessments of central bank policy actions, global macroeconomics, general geopolitics and significant legislative and regulatory changes.


The goal is to achieve monthly performance for the customer. Due to the predominantly highly liquid positioning, the desired absolute return can be achieved in both rising and falling markets (no benchmark chasing). 


The Zenit Prudent Growth Fund has the flexibility to reallocate a certain proportion, at its own discretion, into real estate-related transactions and other unlisted investments (e.g. bridging financing, short and medium-term property purchases, loans) when excellent investment opportunities arise . 


Since part of the team has extensive specialist knowledge in the areas of real estate development/real estate financing as well as structuring and has access to high-yield, real estate-related transactions, the resulting opportunities should be exploited in the short term. 

This includes the option of being able to make portfolio reallocations in favour of emerging opportunities at any time and as quickly as possible. The idea is to stabilize the returns of the ultra-liquid portfolio with real estate and/or other unlisted investments in order to reduce portfolio volatility.

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Zenit Global Risk Off Income Fund 

An inherently low-risk investment vehicle, this fund invests primarily in short-term, high-quality debt securities such as government bonds, commercial paper, money market securities and certificates of deposit. 

The fund is managed by experienced Zenit professionals who have a high level of expertise in fixed income and cash management.


The focus is on capital preservation, which should at the same time earn interest with a return comparable to the money market. 


The Zenit Global Risk Off Income Fund serves as a reliable anchor for investors looking to mitigate volatility and protect their capital, providing liquidity and stability during uncertain market phases. 


With strict risk management practices and a commitment to maintaining high credit quality, Zenit Asset Management ensures that Zenit Global Risk Off Income Fund remains a trusted and reliable part of any risk-averse portfolio, providing investors peace of mind and financial security.

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