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Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a holistic and comprehensive approach aiding affluent individuals in asset growth and wealth preservation. It encompasses sophisticated financial matters like estate planning, asset management, and strategic development.

Unlike pure asset managers, our wealth managers handle broader financial aspects beyond investments. Their goal is to advise the client holistically and safeguard and maximise clients' assets over time. Our Wealth managers assist with various facets of wealth management and planning, including:

Financial Planning

Financial planning takes a structured approach to creating a comprehensive financial plan. A financial plan includes the client's goals, income, expenses, assets, liabilities, tax situation and risk tolerance. A financial plan helps people achieve their financial goals, such as funding education for offspring, funding retirement or estate planning.

It starts with the current financial situation and provides a roadmap for achieving short- and long-term financial goals. A financial plan is an ongoing process that is monitored and revised as necessary.

Investment Management

An important part of wealth management is investment or asset management, which involves managing assets such as stocks and property to maximise returns.

Estate Planning

Estate plans outline strategies for transferring money and other assets to an individual's heirs. The details of an estate plan depend on the decedent's goals, which may include passing assets to the decedent's children and other relatives, as well as charities. Estate plans include documents such as wills, trusts, investments and updated beneficiary designations. They need to be monitored and updated as family or financial situations and laws change.

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