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Our Features

Capital Raising through Debt Financing

  • Zenit AM assists in raising capital through various debt instruments like loans, bonds, and credit facilities

  • We leverage our industry knowledge and financial networks to access necessary capital for operations, expansions, and strategic initiatives

  • We analyse market conditions and financial health to tailor financing arrangements, optimising terms and minimizing costs

Debt Restructuring and Refinancing

  • Zenit AM optimises capital structure through careful analysis and restructures debt facilities

  • We evaluate existing debt obligations and renegotiates terms with creditors for improved cash flow and reduced interest expenses

  • We Identify opportunities to refinance debt at favourable terms, enhancing financial flexibility and mitigating financial risk

Strategic Planning and Risk Management

  • Zenit AM collaborates with management teams to assess financial position and identify risks associated with debt financing

  • We develop comprehensive strategies to mitigate risks such as interest rate exposure, currency risk, and refinancing risk

  • We provide proactive guidance to navigate uncertain market conditions and safeguard financial stability

Maximising Financial Efficiency and Sustainability

  • Zenit AM aims to maximise clients' financial efficiency and enhance long-term sustainability through strategic debt advisory services

Innovative Strategies​​

  • Zenit AM leverages innovative strategies and cutting-edge financial tools to optimise debt portfolios​​

  • We minimise costs and maximise returns, fostering financial efficiency and competitiveness

Debt Structuring Advice 

Zenit AM offers advice on optimal debt structuring solutions, which applies various layers of debt instruments in corporate financing.

Each debt layer represents a different type of financing, with its specific characteristics and priorities in the order of repayment. 

The centrepiece of debt structuring is priority / senior debt, the least risky layer in the hierarchy. It is often provided by banks and has the highest priority in the order of repayment. Due to its security position in the liquidity stream, the interest rates for priority debt are lower than for other debt.

Subordinated debt ranks below senior debt but above equity in the capital structure. In the event of bankruptcy or liquidation, subordinated debt holders are paid after senior debt holders but before equity holders.

Mezzanine debt is a hybrid instrument that combines characteristics of debt and equity. It is typically subordinated to senior debt, but may have equity features such as warrants or conversion rights. Mezzanine debt sits between senior debt and equity in the capital structure.

Both subordinated debt and mezzanine debt serve as forms of junior capital below senior debt, but they differ in terms of their position in the capital structure, security, purpose, and cost and terms.

Debt Advisory for Institutional Clients

Our Features

Unlocking Your Financial Potential: Bespoke Advisory and Debt Solutions for Institutional Clients

Bespoke Solutions​

  • Zenit AM offers personalized debt solutions tailored to institutional clients' unique needs and objectives​

  • We ensure alignment with clients' financial strategies and risk tolerance


Expertise and Experience

  • Backed by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in financial markets and debt management

  • Zenit AM provides expert guidance and strategic insights for navigating complex financial landscapes

Holistic Approach

  • Zenit AM takes a comprehensive view of clients' financial positions

  • We analyse debt structures, market dynamics, and economic trends to deliver holistic solutions

Proactive Risk Management 

  • Zenit AM identifies and mitigates potential risks associated with debt financing proactively 

  • We safeguard institutional clients against market volatility and unforeseen challenges

Transparent Communication​​

  • Zenit AM maintains transparent communication throughout the advisory process​​

  • We provide clear and timely updates on market developments, strategy adjustments, and performance metrics​​


Long-Term Partnership​​

  • Zenit AM is committed to building lasting partnerships with institutional clients​​

  • We work collaboratively to achieve financial goals, offering ongoing support, guidance, and strategic direction for sustainable success​​

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